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I enjoy watching your show after I come home from school. I think that it is like you are still at school, except you don't learn off the teacher you learn off a video. It is quite a fun way to learn and it has a few really interesting facts as well.
From Catherine in Christchurch
Hello, My name is Ellie and i was wondering 'Why is the grass green?' From Ellie Brumfit
Photosynthesis Factsheet
You look good on t.v and I enjoyed your show and you look beautiful on t.v your programes are so great too you are so so cool on t.v
From Dannielle Cooper (9yrs)
Hello Suzy. You are 1 of the best actors I have ever seen. You are very pretty too. Once I meeet you when you came to my school which is Pukenui School and you were there with Petra I said hello to you. God Bless Suzy
From Charlie
I like your show. We saw you on the stage at the teddy bear picnic. I liked you on the stage. You were cool on the stage. From Varnia-Grigette Karora
Hi Suzy,
When I fractured my elbow well broke they didn't put it in a cast. My friend fractured her arm and got it in a cast and it wasn't broken as mine!Thanks for taking your time to read this.
Love Steph
Bone Factsheet
I really miss you on t.v i think your show is really cool. i use to watch your show every day. I like it because it tells you like what your body contans . Another thing is that i think your web sit is really awesome. Hope your back on t.v soon.Thanks
From Sarah age 9
To Suzy. Your movie is the bomb, you're cool and the facts are cool.
Love Ethan and Shania ooooxxxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxx
Hi Suzy,
I'm 2yrs old.(my mum is typing this for me) I really like watching your shows and so does my older brother Daniel he is 7 yrs, my Mum has helped us make things from your shows (like volcanos)we think your cool and our mum does too.
Take Care from James
Can you tell me how many dinosaur are extinct and how?
From Megon
Dinosaur Two Factsheet
Hi Suzy
I really really like your show. Is there any chance you could put your show on TV3 at 4:00. Also can you pretty pretty please send me 10 or 8 reasons why a kiwi is endangered.
With best wishes... Monika
Hi Monika
The Kiwi Conservation Club has a website with a fact sheet that will help you, I'm sure. This is the page here:
Good luck... Suzy :o)
Hello Suzy (and fellow Suzy fans) I am 15 years old now, but when I was young Suzy's World was my favourite programme ever! Once, my older brother went to a young leaders conference that you were speaking at, I was very upset when he didn't get your signature for me but he told me all about your talk, I think that was one of the happiest days of my life. I still remember the experiments you used to do.
Thank you, for everything, you are amazing.
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