How can I tell who ate my lunch?
  • By being scientific and making careful observations and remembering observations of the crime scene.
  • And by analysing clues found at the "crime scene"; comparing footprints, fingerprints and fibre samples I was able to tell who ate my lunch (and it was ME!).
  • I compared a footprint found at the scene with footprints taken from suspects and found a match.
  • I compared fingerprints found at the scene with fingerprints taken from suspects and found a match.
  • I even found a match for the fluff found at the crime scene.
  Did You Know?
  • Forensic Scientists work alongside the police and use their observational skills to analyse clues that have been found at the scene of a crime.
  • A suspect is someone who may have been in the same area that the crime was committed; they may have a good reason for having committed the crime; or they might be on file for having committed similar crimes.
  • Sometimes Forensic Scientists might use their skills in observation, maybe with the help of magnifying glasses and microscopes.
  • But sometimes a Forensic Scientist uses special processes and chemicals to come to a conclusion.
Compare your fingerprints with your friendís fingerprints.

What you need:
Several sheets of newspaper
Several sheets of A4 paper
An inkpad
A pen
Soap and water
Paper towels

What you do:
Prepare to get messy. Spread the newspaper down first and have the soap, water and paper towels nearby. Write each personís name at the top of the paper and have them put their prints onto their page one by one. Get them to wash their hands straight away!

When the prints are dry compare them and see if any of the prints are similar. Maybe some are Whorl patterns, maybe some are loops and some might be arch patterns.

Have them make another set of prints on paper without their name on top and see if you can match their new set with the named set.
Ask your teacher to help you set up your own "crime scene " and have your classmates try and work out who committed the "crime". Have footprints and fingerprints, that youíve made earlier, left at the scene and get everyone to take their own fingerprints and footprints to compare them with. Was it your teacher, a classmate, the Principal - or was it you!

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