What is a food chain?
  • Food chain is the name thatís given to the order in which living things are eaten by other living things.
  • Food is eaten by living things to give them energy. They use some of this energy to live and some of the energy is stored.
  • Grass and plants use the suns rays, air and water to make energy to grow.
  • Grass and plants are eaten by creatures like slugs which gives the slug energy.
  • The slug might get eaten by a bird giving the bird energy.
  • But that bird might get eaten by a cat which gives the cat energy.
  Did You Know?
  • The food chain is different for different areas. You can have a food chain in your garden, a food chain in the ocean, a food chain in a desert and a food chain in the jungle. Theyíre different because different creatures make them up.
  • But plants are always at the bottom of the food chain. Whether itís a plant that gets eaten by a slug in the garden or algae that gets eaten by a small fish in the sea.
Have a look in your garden for a food chain. Remember to start with plants. What eats the plants in your garden (apart from you) maybe its slugs or snails. Well, what eats them? And what eats the things that eats the slugs or snails? And so on.
Find out about a food chain for a different place, like in the sea.
Or think about what part of the food chain you are. What do you like to eat?
What did the metal monsters like to eat?
Food "chains"!

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