How do fish breathe underwater?
  • Fish breathe using their gills. They donít have lungs like us they have gills instead.
  • Gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide can be dissolved in water. (Like the carbon dioxide bubbles in fizzy drink)
  • A fishís gills are full of blood vessels that absorb the tiny particles of gas.
  • The fish sucks the water in through its mouth and squirts it out through its gills and thatís when the gills take the oxygen from the water into the blood vessels.
  • A fishís gills arenít able to take oxygen from air like us so they canít breathe out of water.
  Did You Know?
  • You donít have gills - you have lungs instead.
  • Your lungs are full of lots of small blood vessels that small particles of gases to be exchanged in a gas mixture.
  • Your lungs arenít able to collect oxygen from water so you canít breath underwater.
  • Almost every living creature needs oxygen to survive (there are some bacteria that donít)
  • Most fish don't sleep. Some rest by just floating in the water, but some have to keep moving to keep the water moving over their gills so they can get air.
  • Fish don't have eyelids so they can't close their eyes.
Visit a pet shop or an aquarium and watch a goldfish breathing. The bigger the fish the bigger the gills and the easier it is to see. How often do they open their mouths to suck in water and then open their gills to let the water out? Time them by counting 1 million and 1Ö 1 million and 2Ö
Focus on your breathing - do you breathe faster or slower than the fish?
Whales have lungs like you (only theyíre much, much bigger!) When a whale comes up for air it looks like it spurts water. What itís really doing is breathing out and in that breath is a lot of water vapour. Next time youíre in a swimming pool bob under the water and then jump up again. Open your mouth just a wee bit and blow through your lips. All the water running down your face will be blown off your mouth as you blow out - just like a whale exhaling.
What is the best way to catch a fish?
Have someone throw it to you
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