Why does spinning around make you dizzy?
  • Inside your inner ear are tiny little hairs sitting in fluid. They help you keep your balance by telling your brain which direction youíre going in.
  • When you spin around it makes these hairs slosh around all over the place and they send muddled messages to your brain. Your brain gets confused and thatís what makes you feel dizzy.
  • These tiny hairs help you to balance. They keep the brain informed of your movements and direction so if youíre about to topple over your brain can get your body to move to correct the imbalance.
  Did You Know?
  • Your eyes help you to keep your balance too. The pictures they receive are sent to your brain that computes this information with the information from the tiny hairs.
Try spinning around to feel the dizziness.
Try it with your eyes open. Then try it with your eyes shut.
Does it make a difference? Do you feel dizzy for longer either way?
Try balancing on one leg. Then try it with your eyes closed? Which way is easier? Do you wobble about more when youíve got your eyes closed. Thatís because your eyes arenít sending information to your brain to help it work out if youíre balanced or not.

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