What makes me sneeze?
  • A sneeze is a blast of air that comes from your lungs and it is one of the ways your body protects itself from germs.
  • You have lots of tiny fine hairs inside your nose that trap dust and dirt and stop it from being inhaled into your lungs.
  • Those hairs are coated with a sticky mucus which holds the dust until you blow your nose or sneeze.
  • Allergies to flowers, grass, cat hair or even food and perfume can make you sneeze.
  • You use lots of muscles in your body to sneeze these include your stomach muscles, chest muscles, the muscles in your throat and vocal cords, face muscles and eye muscles.
  Did You Know?
  • The fastest recorded sneeze clocked in at 165 kilometres an hour.
  • Everyone sneezes, it is an involuntary action - we canít control it.
  • If you sneeze into a tissue you stop the dust and mucus from flying out over everything. It can also stop germs from being spread.
  • You canít keep your eyes open when you sneeze.
  • Some people sneeze when they step out in to bright sunlight. Nobody knows exactly why this can happen but it might be because the sun triggers off something in the brain.
  • Some people sneeze after a big meal.
  • You sneeze more when you have a cold or allergy because your body is trying to get rid of the irritation that is making it feel unwell. Your nose is also carrying a lot more mucus and ďgunkĒ when youíve got a cold or allergy.
Sneeze Survey

Do a survey in your classroom and collect statistics. How many people use a tissue when they sneeze, how many use a hanky and how many donít use anything?

Have a debate about which is healthiest - handkerchiefs or paper tissues.

Do any of your classmates sneeze when they walk out into bright light after being in a dark room?
Listen to the different sounds that people make when they sneeze. (A sneeze can sometimes be as loud as a jet flying over head!).

Have you ever heard your own pets sneeze. See if you can find out if animals sneeze too?
Where is the best place to put a sneeze?
Atishoo. (a tissue)

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