Why does your body need blood?
  • Your blood carries dissolved gases like oxygen to every part of your body to keep giving you energy.
  • It picks up carbon dioxide from your body and delivers it to your lungs to be breathed out.
  • Your blood also picks up dissolved wastes and things that your body doesnít need anymore and delivers them to your kidneys to be flushed out of your body with your wee.
  • Your blood carries dissolved particles of nutrients from the food you eat and drink
  • And it also carries white blood cells that help fight off germs and diseases.
  Did You Know?
  • Your blood has tiny cells called platelets in it that form clots in a wound to stop you from bleeding. The platelets create fibres like spider webs that tangle together to stop the blood flowing. When the clotted blood dries a scab forms.
  • You have about 3.5 litres of blood in your body.
  • Your blood is constantly being pushed around your body and it passes through your heart, lungs and kidneys on every circuit (trip around your body)
  • If you get that "pins and needles" feeling when you've been sitting cross-legged for a while it could be because of the pressure that has been put on your nerves and the blood vessels in that part of your body. Once you unfold your legs and release the pressure the nerves and blood vessels are able to work properly again and you get that tingly sensation.
Feel your own pulse
Gently place the first two fingers on your left hand on the wrist of your right hand just below the rounded cushion of your hand below your thumb.
You should feel a "pulse", a movement under your fingers thatís the movement of your blood. If you donít move your fingers around a little until you do. See if you can feel a friendís pulse.
Sometimes you can see the veins running under your skin. If you do lots of exercise or strain to lift something heavy your veins seem to push up under your skin. Can you see any of your veins or arteries?
What are platelets for?
To put your pikelets on.
From Jonathon Thompson

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