What are maps?
  • Maps are flat diagrams of an area.
  • Maps are often designed on the points of the compass - with magnetic north at the top.
  • Maps are usually made to scale. (For example one centimetre on a map might be one kilometre).
  • Maps often have background grids which are lines running vertically (up and down) and horizontally (side to side) to make squares on the page. The grids often have reference numbers and letters to make it easier to find a location on a map (ie on a street map the street you are looking for might be in the square 4g on a map).
  • We use maps to locate places on the earthís surface.
  Did You Know?
  • Maps have been used for thousands of years
  • Different maps show different information and you can get more than one map for a location. You can get many different types of maps like street maps, political maps, maps of the solar system, population maps, and maps of the sea floor.
Make a map with your classmates of your school.

Discuss the landmarks or places around the school, which would be important to include. Work out how big you will make your map and to what scale you will make the details. What signs will you use on your map? (You will need to include a list of signs and what they represent). Use a compass to find magnetic North and make a design of your map using this compass reference.
Make a map of your bedroom.

You may not have a compass at home but you can work out roughly where North is by finding out which side of your house the sun rises and which side it sets. Note those details on your map. Donít forget to include the position of your bedroom door and windows.
You could use this map to test your family or friends. Turn it into a treasure map. Hide something in your room and make a list of instructions using reference points in your room for the person to follow. It might go like this
  1. Take four paces into the room from the door.
  2. Turn left and walk to the end of the bed.
  3. Crouch down and crawl along the length of the bed to the chest of draws.
  4. Stand and look in the direction that the sun sets (West) you will see the treasure hidden behind a picture. (The treasure could be a drawing of the personís favourite thing)

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