Why do you vomit?
  • Your body vomits as a survival mechanism.
  • You have no control over the stomach muscles that decide to heave up the food.
  • When you have eaten too much or eaten something that has gone off or has germs in it or doesnít agree with you your stomach will get rid of it the fastest way possible, by vomiting.
  • The muscles in your abdomen contract and squeeze shorter. They squeeze down to squash your stomach.
  • This forces open the valve that usually holds the top of your stomach closed. The food that is being squeezed in your stomach is pushed back up your oesophagus and into your mouth.
  Did You Know?
  • Bile, which has been breaking down the food in your stomach, often gets pushed up with your vomit. Itís bile that makes your vomit bitter and a greenish yellow colour.
  • Nervousness can make some people feel queasy or vomit.
  • Bumpy rollercoaster rides, a quick ride in a lift or the rolling motion of a boat can make some people feel like vomiting. This is because our body has been moved quickly but our insides have not moved at the same speed and feel like they have been left behind. This delayed reaction squashes our stomach and makes it heave.
  • Some people even feel sick and vomit from the movement of a car driving.
  • Cows naturally vomit when they bring up mouthfuls of grass from their stomach to chew. They then swallow it again.
  • Flies digest their food by bringing up their dinner and eating it again.
Balloon Vom Bom
This will make a mess so do it outside or over the sink

What you need:
A balloon
A jug of water
Someone to help you

What you do:
The balloon is your stomach. Fill the balloon with water, to represent food in your stomach. Have someone hold the neck of the balloon shut while you act as the muscles around your stomach and press on the balloon with your hands. When your friend releases the neck of the balloon itís just like the valve opening between your stomach and your mouth. Out comes the water in a balloon vomit.
Find a picture of your stomach in a book in your library. Have a good look at all the muscles around it. Itís those muscles that work to squeeze your stomach when you vomit. Feel them work by sucking your tummy in and letting it out again.
Two vomits are walking down the street. All of a sudden one begins to cry.
Whatís wrong asks the other. Oh nothing... it's just that this is where l was brought up.
From Brock Anderson

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