How can I stop my feet smelling?
  • We normally have thousands of harmless bacteria living on our skin.
  • Bacteria love warm damp places, especially between hot, sticky toes.
  • Bacteria, like all living things make waste (poos and wees) and that’s what causes your feet to smell.
  • By washing our body regularly we wash away most of the bacteria and the wastes bacteria make.
  • Keeping your feet clean and dry helps reduce the smell.
  Did You Know?
  • Bacteria are one of the simplest forms of all living things.
  • Bacteria is a simple cell that grows by dividing into two. Then those two cells divide to make four. Then those four cells divide… and so on.
  • Bacteria have names relating to their shape. Spherical shaped ones are called coccus, rod shaped ones are called bacillus, and spiral shaped bacteria are called spirillum.
  • We are surrounded by millions of different types of bacteria all the time. We have hundreds of different kinds that live all over and inside our bodies. Most of them are harmless. And we need certain bacteria to survive.
  • Our stomach contains bacteria that help digest our food and we have bacteria in our intestines that help keep them clean and healthy.
  • Bacteria are needed to decompose or break down material in the soil.
Monitor your own feet.

Do your feet ever smell? When are they their smelliest? What kind of shoes are you wearing at that time? Look closely at your feet – are they hot, sticky and dirty? Take a good look at those shoes too, what state are they in? What can you do to your shoes to reduce the potential for pong?
Some people sweat a lot and some don’t sweat at all. It is a very healthy thing for your body to do. Find out why your body sweats, and let me know
Why was the person hot and sticky?
They were wearing a "sweater" in summer.

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