How do you attract a shark’s attention?
  • Sharks have an amazing sense of smell.
  • They have tiny little pores in the skin between their eyes and their mouth, which acts as their nose sensing, smells in the water.
  • Sharks can also detect electrical impulses and almost every living creature gives out an electrical impulse.
  • About 70 percent of a shark’s brain is used for the sense of smell.
  Did You Know?
  • Sharks can detect blood in the water from half a kilometre away.
  • Sharks can’t chew their food, they bite it, swallow it whole and their stomach juices break it down.
  • Most sharks have to keep swimming to be able to breathe.
  • Sharks have been around for over 400 million years - since before dinosaurs were alive.
The great nose test.
You could try this in the classroom or with a friend.

What you need:
Foods with different smells (chocolate, peeled orange, salt & vinegar crisps, honey - anything you can think of)
Opaque plastic bags (bags you can’t see through)
A cloth

What you do:
Put the different foods in separate opaque plastic bags. Put the bags on a table under a cloth. Blindfold your friend then get them to sniff each smell coming from the plastic bags, one by one. Write down how many they get right, then you try it.
Sniff out the smells

Use your sense of smell to see what you can detect. Close you eyes and sniff about. What can you smell?
How close do you need to get to your dinner before you can smell it? (Remember a shark can smell blood from half a kilometre away)
Have someone make up a packet of clear cordial drink. Can you pick which flavour it is using only your sense of smell?
What did the left eye say about the left nostril?
That nostril knows (nose) everything!

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