Rock Pools
What lives in a rock pool?
  • A rock pool can be the home of many sea creatures.
  • Rock pools hold seawater even when the tide has gone out.
  • Rock pools are found in the intertidal zone, which means they are covered in seawater when it is high tide and exposed to the wind and sun at low tide.
  • A rock pool is like a little community. We call this a habitat.
  • What lives in a rock pool depends on the rock pools size and position on the beach and the animals that live or inhabit that shoreline.
  • In New Zealand you will usually find sea anemones, small shellfish like periwinkles and cats eyes, starfish, barnacles, crabs, different types of seaweed and maybe some small fish.
  Did You Know?
  • The creatures in each rock pool depend on each other for survival. Some eat their neighbours some eat the prey that are attracted by their neighbours and others eat the scraps that are left behind by their neighbours.
  • The creatures that live in the intertidal zone need to be pretty tough because they are battered by the incoming waves and have to cope with huge changes in temperature.
  • A few years ago the rock pools on our coastlines held a wider variety of sea creatures but they are being stripped of life by humans.
Use your library to find out some of these amazing creatures:

Sea anemones (why are they like upside down star fish?)
Chitons (they’re the ones that look like big black slaters)
Hermit Crabs (they change their houses as they grow)
Shell fish (why do they have such hard shells?)
Investigate a rock pool near you

Take an adult, a pen and some paper and make a list of the different creatures living in the rock pool and how many there are of each. If you don’t know their names describe them.
Draw a map of the rock pool showing where the creatures are in the pool.
Then visit the rock pool a week or two later and repeat the investigation. Are the same creatures there? Have they moved or gone completely? Are there any new creatures?

Remember to take an adult with you and check the tides before you go.
Where do all the crabs go on a Saturday night?
A rock concert.

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