How do plants grow?
  • Plants are able to grow without eating food and drinking drinks like we do.
  • Plants need air, water and sunlight to grow.
  • Plants also need to anchor their roots somewhere. The roots use capillary action to take up water and the things that are dissolved in the water like minerals.
  • Flowering plants start growing as seeds, which sprout and grow towards the sunlight, sending roots down into the soil. Eventually the plant is able to make flowers and seeds to repeat the lifecycle.
  Did You Know?
  • We say that seeds are dormant when they’re not growing.
  • Seeds grow when the conditions are right. Seeds need water and the right amount of sunlight before they’ll start germinating.
  • Do you know where the water soaks into a seed? Have you ever pulled peas out of their pod or eaten corn seeds off the cob? Where each of the seeds was joined to the pod or the cob there is a small scar like our tummy button. At the end of this scar is a small hole where the water can get through the tough seed skin. If we soak beans or corn seeds overnight the water gets into the hole. The seed swells, splits its skin and starts to develop its first leaves and roots – this is called germinating.
  • Some plants need soil, water, sunlight and fresh meat to survive, like the Venus flytrap – which does just that, it traps flies.
Germinate a seed.

What you need:
6 bean seeds (you can buy a packet from a garden shop or some supermarkets)
A large, clean, empty plastic peanut butter jar
Wet paper towels

What you do:
Read the back of the packet to find out the best way to germinate the seeds by soaking them in water. Scrunch up the paper towels and wet them in cold water. Stuff them loosely into the jar. Carefully push the beans down between the paper and the plastic, so you can see them grow. Put your jar in a light place, but not in direct sunlight, and somewhere you will notice them. Every day check that the paper towels feel damp but aren’t soaked in too much water.
Record the changes as they happen. Note which way the roots grow and which way the shoots start growing. Once the shoots start growing you can plant your bean plants in the garden.
What will you have to think about and do before you plant them out? Where would they like to grow? What will the need to grow? How long will they take to grow?
Did you eat seeds for dinner last night? Check out your answer with your family. What other seeds does your family eat? Ask a grown up if you can check out the seeds in the freezer, pantry and where you store your fruit and veggies.
What runs around the garden at 100kms an hour?
A runner bean.

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