What makes night and day?
  • The Sun acts like a giant torch shining on the part of the world that is facing it at the time. This is daytime.
  • Earth also spins on an axis so that when one side is facing to the Sun the other side is facing away from the Sun and it is night-time.
  • Earth is the third planet from the Sun.
  • Earth revolves around the Sun.
  Did You Know?
  • The Sun is the centre of our solar system.
  • It takes about a whole year for Earth to orbit around the Sun.
  • And a whole day to spin around on its axis.
  • The Moon takes about a month to orbit Earth.
Use a torch and a globe (or an old ball you can mark the continents on) to find out what countries are in night-time when it is daytime in New Zealand. Face the part of the globe or ball to the torch so New Zealand is in the torchlight. Which countries on the other side of the world are in darkness?

Which way does the Earth spin? Think about which country will see the new millennium first. Then which country? Then which? Look at their positions on a globe and you’ll be able to work out which way the Earth spins.
Make a list of all the things you can see from your kitchen window in the daytime and compare it with a list of things you can see from that same window at night.
Why did the ghost only haunt during the day?
It was afraid of the dark.

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