What icky things does your body do?
  • Your body does a lot of icky things that smell or do not look or feel good.
  • Just some of the things your body does is make smelly sweat, itchy ear wax, snotty mucus, spitty saliva, and tears.
  • Almost all of these things actually help your body to look after itself
  • Your nose is wet with mucus or snot to trap dust and germs that travel through the air into your nose.
  • Earwax also helps to trap dust and stop it getting into your ears.
  • Saliva (spit) prevents rubbing and friction so that we can chew our food and roll it into a ball to swallow.
  • Tears help to wash dust out of our eyes and keep them moist so our eyelids can move smoothly open and shut.
  • Your body produces sweat to help cool you down in hot weather. The sweat uses and takes away body heat when it changes the liquid sweat into sweaty smelling vapour.
  • Sweat also carries smelly waste products out of your system.
  Did You Know?
  • You swallow nose mucus everyday. It trickles down the back of your throat into your stomach.
  • When you donít have a cold your nose mucus is usually clear and runny but when you have a cold it can be green/yellow because of the bacteria, dirt and dust in it.
  • The crusty stuff around your eyes when you wake up is made of tears mixed with a little sweat and oil.
  • Your brain triggers your mouth to make saliva when you think about food so that you can eat it more easily without friction.
  • Ear wax is made by hundreds of tiny glands in your ear canal. They produce the wax and it gets pushed forward, up and out of your ear with all the dirt and dust it catches on the way.
Test your saliva ducts
On your way home from school think about the afternoon snack you are going to have, talk about it with friends, describe it and imagine eating it. Does your mouth fill with saliva? When you walk home the next day think about a different type of food. Which one makes you salivate more? Does your body do anything else when you think of that food? (Listen carefully)
Do an Icky study
Keep track of what your body is up to. You donít have to keep a diary, just take note of what your bodyís doing from time to time. Next time you blow your nose take a peek at what colour your mucus is. If youíve been out playing in dirt and dust you might find it is a browny colour. Thatís your nose mucus at work trapping the dirt youíve breathed in and stopping it from getting into your lungs!
Try eating a weetbix without anything on it. Itís pretty hard to swallow because it is so dry. If our body didnít produce saliva it would be like that when you ate just about anything!
Why did the ghost haunt the tissue box?
He was a boogie monster

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