Where does a worm like to live?
  • A worm likes to live near its food, where it can be protected and where itís not too dry or too wet, too hot or too cold.
  • Worms eat the plant matter in the soil, but they have to swallow a lot of dirt to get those things so a good place to live is underneath living plants.
  • The only way worms can protect themselves is to stay burrowed under the soil Ė away from birds and hedgehogs and human feet.
  Did You Know?
  • Worms have five hearts and hundreds of liver-like organs.
  • The older the worm the more segments it has making up its body.
  • The longest worm in the world is found in Australia and is over 3m long.
  • The average New Zealand garden worm is only 10 cm long.
  • Worms have very sensitive skin with lots of little holes that allow the worm to exchange gases.
  • Direct sunlight dries out the skin and makes those holes close up, so it canít breathe.
  • Those holes would also fill with water if a worm went swimming.
Make your own worm habitat

What you need:
A clean clear plastic container
Some sand and stones
Some compost
Some soil
Some leaves and grass clippings
Some worms

What you do:
Put in a layer of stones in the bottom of your container, then several layers of dirt, sand and compost. Put a layer of grass clippings on top. Carefully put your worms on the grass clips and watch what they do.
Give your worms a little bit of water every day and keep your habitat out of the sun and heat, maybe in the garage Ė cover your container with wet newspaper or a piece of wet carpet to keep it cool.
Donít forget to feed your worms. Try a mixture of green leafy vegetables and brown things like twigs, dried leaves, shredded paper. The smaller you break it up the easier they can eat it (they donít have a knife & fork).
Have a look around your garden. Where do the worms in your garden like to live? What about other creatures hiding in your garden? Can you find any snails or aphids? (Remember, they will be under things)
What kind of worm loves to read?
A book worm.

How do you tell which end of a worm is it's head?
Tickle it and see which end smiles
From Jessie

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