Why does exercise make me tired?
  • When you exercise your body burns up the energy from the food.
  • You can feel tired after exercise because your body is low on energy and needs more food for fuel.
  • We will also have made some muscles move a lot. They make waste products that have to be removed through the lungs or blood stream.
  Did You Know?
  • Some food is better for you than others.
  • If you eat more food than your body needs it turns the energy into fat and stores it.
  • Your body is burning up energy all the time, even when you sleep, so that you need to eat regularly to keep your energy levels up.
  • Regular exercise helps your body to function properly.
  • Exercise can help reduce stress by taking your mind off what you are worried about and giving you a physical way of working off your frustrations.
  • Exercise can also help you to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
Study how even a little bit of exercise makes your body work.
Stand and listen to your breathing. Note if it is noisy or quite, fast or slow then try running on the spot for 20 seconds. You can have someone time you with a watch or count to twenty by saying one thousand and one, one thousand and two…
What happens to your breathing now? Is it faster or noisier? Have a rest and then try running on the spot for another 20 seconds but this time run harder and faster. What happens to your breath now?
Waggle the first finger of your writing hand 50 times and notice how it feels when you first start and compare it to how it feels for the last few waggles. What happens to the speed of the waggle? Is it as easy to do by the end of 50 waggles?

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