Why aren’t elephants purple?
  • Some animals use colours to attract a partner - an elephant doesn’t need to do that.
  • An elephant’s skin is grey, wrinkly and looks rather dry, just like the dry dusty desert areas they live in.
  • Because an elephant is so big it is hard for it to hide, it uses it's colour as camouflage against the desert background.
  • Some animals use camouflage so they can hunt other animals without being seen.
  • Other animals use the colour of their skin to blend in with their habitats so they can hide.
  Did You Know?
  • Elephants are herbivores and they need flat chewing, grinding teeth called molars.
  • Elephants can only make 6 molar teeth and they only have two molars at a time in their mouths.
  • Elephants can live up to 60 years and they die when they run out of teeth.
  • Elephants communicate using sounds too low to be heard by human ears.
  • A pregnant elephant carries it's baby for 20-22 months. A pregnant women carries her baby for only 9 months!
  • An elephant's brain weighs about 5 kilos.
What animals can you think of use camouflage?
There are plenty in your back yard- take a look under bits of wood, pot plants and leaves.
Are they hunting animals sneaking up on their prey or animals that are hiding from their predators?
Line up a number of toys of a similar size against a piece of paper that is the same colour as one of your toys. (Toy cars are good for this). Stand back about a meter and a half – about the length of your bed. Which toy is the hardest to see?
When do elephants have 8 legs?
When there are two of them.

Why did the elephant cross the road?
The chicken was on holiday.

Which is stronger, an elephant or a snail?
A snail, because it carries its house - an elephant only carries its trunk.

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