What is the earth made of?
  • The earthís crust is made up of huge slabs called tectonic plates.
  • A thousand kilometres under the crust is the Earthís mantle, which is so hot that some of the rock is partly melted. The tectonic plates move slowly on this partly melted rock.
  • Four thousand kilometres below the surface is the outer core which is so hot the rock is liquid.
  • Then thereís the inner core which is hotter still, but because of the weight and pressure of all the rocks above it is solid not liquid.
  Did You Know?
  • The tectonic plates vary between 6 kilometres and 40 kilometres thick.
  • Scientists think that the inner and outer cores are over 5000 degrees centigrade Ė a hot summerís day for us in New Zealand is about 32 degrees centigrade.
  • Scientists also think the core of the earth is made of iron and it acts like a huge magnet giving us our compass readings of magnetic north and south.
Have an ADULT make you some porridge in a frying pan.
Follow the instructions on the packet. Look at the crust that forms on the top. Itís a bit like the earthís crust. Whatís happening under the porridge crust? Have a look Ė it should be runny like the earthís centre - Just donít burn it or your porridge earth will be destroyed!!!
Donít get too close but watch what happens when steam erupts through your porridge crust. Itís just like a volcano erupting and making mountains.
And when you are finished investigating you can eat your experiment!
Check out any cliff faces near you - look at them from a distance. Can you see any layers of sediment? See if you can find out what types of sediments are making up the cliff.
Find out what kind of soil base your house or school is on.
When the planet-eating monster ate planet Earth what did he leave on the side of his plate?
The crust.

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