How do you take care of a dog?
  • Dogs need a lot of the same things humans need - food, water, shelter, exercise and love.
  • Different breeds of dogs require different amounts of things like food and exercise.
  • Dogs need to be regularly groomed - washed, treated for fleas and trimmed.
  • Dogs need to be regularly vaccinated.
  Did You Know?
  • A dogís nails will naturally be worn down by friction if the dog is exercised on hard surfaces. Older dogs and dogs that donít have the chance to wear their nails down will need to have them trimmed.
  • If dogs donít get enough exercise and stimulation they get bored and start misbehaving. Exercise isnít just going for a run it could be playing and socialising with other dogs and people. Dogs enjoy playing games like fetch with a Frisbee, ball or stick.
  • Dogs bark to communicate.
  • You need to choose the right dog for you and your family. If you live in a tiny apartment you donít want to get a dog that needs lots of space!
  • Some small dogs need a lot of space because they are natural hunters.
Discuss with your:
Family, friends or class the different sorts of dogs you can have. Talk about the different needs of each dog species. Find out about working dogs, like Guide dogs for the blind, drug dogs at the airport and farm dogs. What skills do the owners need to have?
Use the power of observation with your own pet (or ask a dog owner if you can check out their dog).
What special things do you need to check on the dog? (ears, teeth, claws, long hair)
How do you need to look after these things?
Conduct a survey with dog owners that you know.
What kind of food do the different dogs eat?
Could you design a fair test to find out the preferences?
How often do dogs need to eat?
What do young puppies eat and how often?
Patient:Doctor, Doctor I think I;m a dog.
Doctor: When did this start?
Patient:When I was a pup.
From Rebecca Lee

What do you get if you cross a vampire with a flea?
Lots of very worried dogs!
From Casey Lee Kidd

Where do dogs go if they lose their tails?
To a retail store.

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