Whatís the best way to dissolve drinking chocolate?
  • Follow the instructions on your packet of drinking chocolate to find the best way for that product!
  • Add heat and shake or stir the mixture faster and the particles will dissolve faster.
  Did You Know?
  • Bought chocolate milkshakes are made with liquid drinking chocolate so itís already dissolved.
  • A lot of the salt that we use comes from seawater. Grains of salt have dissolved in the water to make it taste salty. You can extract the salt from the seawater by evaporating the water.
  • Water cannot dissolve grease and oil, not even hot water.
Designer Dissolving
Check with youíre an adult that itís OK to try these experiments and get help from them when dealing with hot the hotstuff!
  • Try making a chocolate milkshake at your house and see if your drinking chocolate dissolves better in cold or hot water or milk. Just be careful with the hot liquids!

  • Try making instant noodles or a cup of soup with hot water from the hot water tap, is it the same? Or do you need to use boiling water? (youíll need to get someone to heat it for you afterwards if you want to eat this experiment.)
More Designer Dissolving

What items in your kitchen cupboards will dissolve in water? Try dissolving salt, pepper, sugar, spices, flour, rice, honey and cooking oil in cold water and then in hot water. Does the hot water help Ė or will some of these things never dissolve?
What do you get when you cross a cow with an earthquake?
A milkshake

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