Why don’t I feel happy all the time?
  • There are lots of reasons why we don’t feel happy all of the time.
  • We all have lots of different emotions that we feel at different times like happy, sad, scared, angry, surprised etc
  • If we hurt ourselves, are afraid, or angry it can sometimes be hard to feel happy at the same time.
  • Sometimes people do or say things that make us angry, sad, or upset. These are normal, natural reactions but they’re not feelings that make us feel good.
  • Once we’ve gotten over the initial reaction we can choose to feel happy again.
  • Scientists believe that the action of smiling releases chemicals in our body that not only make us feel good, they help us stay healthy too.
  Did You Know?
  • It takes over 30 muscles to frown and only about 16 muscles to smile!
  • Some scientists believe that laughter is the best medicine and research is being done into how laughter can help your body to heal more quickly.
  • It’s good to cry because it can release stress and tension in your body and give you a chance to work through the things you are feeling and thinking.
  • In some countries there are laughter clubs where people meet first thing in the morning to tell jokes and practise laughing and smiling so they start the day in a wonderful way.
  • Small babies use crying as a way to communicate how they're feeling. They can't say "I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm cold, I've just had a fright, you're too noisy or I've done something hideous in my nappys" because they haven't learnt to speak yet. Instead they cry to let you know they need some help.
Smile therapy
Next time something gets you down, angry or upset do a smile therapy experiment. Take note of how you’re feeling and what’s going through your mind then do something to make you smile like visit the website www.suzy.co.nz and have a look at the joke page, think of your favourite things or people, day dream about your favourite thing to do or sing your favourite song and see if it changes how you feel.

If you find it hard to think of something that makes you smile just stand in front of a mirror and make your face into a smile. At first it will feel really strange and may even make you feel angrier but keep doing it and see what happens.
What things make you feel happy?
Make a list of all the wonderful things that make you feel happy. What’s your favourite colour, food, programme, book, toy, game, song, sport, activity, treat, people… list them all down and see if you can make a list longer than mine.
Knock, knock
Who's there?
Ya who?
What's made you so happy?
From Grace Davison

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