Jelly Beans
How are jelly beans made?
  • Jelly beans are made at a huge sweet factory and millions of jelly beans are made at a time.
  • Jelly beans have two parts to them – the centre and the outer (the outside part). The centres are made first using sugar, glucose syrup (which is more sugar) food starch (which is like the corn flour we use in cooking at home), water and gelatine (which jelly is made out of).
  • This mixture is squirted into little jelly bean shaped moulds and then it’s heated in a huge oven to dry the mixture out so the jelly bean centres are solid and not gooey and sticky.
  • The jelly bean centres are poured into huge copper bowls or pans with sugar, colouring and flavours to make the jelly bean outers.
  • The huge bowls spin round stirring up the jelly beans so that they get covered with the sugar mixture and huge pipes suck out the air so the jelly beans dry and stop sticking together.
  • When the jelly beans are ready the colours are mixed together and then they’re packaged and boxed up ready for shipping to the supermarkets and shops.
  Did You Know?
  • Pascalls make the Jay Bee Jelly Beans that we showed on Suzy’s World.
  • Each year they make so many jelly beans that if you laid them down end to end they’d make a line from one end of New Zealand to the other and back again!
  • There are nine different flavours so there are nine different colours.
  • Each of the nine types of jelly beans are made separately in their own bowl or pan and then they’re mixed together.
Jelly bean discovery

What you need:
Some jelly beans
Tooth brush
Tooth paste

What you do:
Bite through a jelly bean so you can see the two parts – the centre and the outer coating. Have a good look at how the two parts stick together. Nibble all the outer coating off the jelly bean and as you do notice the taste of the coating and how it feels in your mouth as you chew it. Can you feel the sugary crunch? What flavour is the outer layer and what colour is it?
Once you’ve finished your experiment brush your teeth with the toothpaste and water because jelly beans are made of lots of sugar.

Investigate with another food like a muesli bar and see if you can recognise the different ingredients when you taste them. Is a muesli bar crunchy to eat? What would make it crunchy? Have a look at the packet to see what ingredients it has.
Make jelly and compare it with jelly beans

What you need:
An adult assistant to help make the jelly
A packet of jelly crystals
A bowl
A measuring jug
A stirring spoon
Hot water
Some jelly beans
Washed hands :o)

What you do:
Follow the instructions on the packet to make up your jelly. Leave it cool and set. When the jelly has set in the fridge get a small bowl of it and a selection of jelly beans for your experiment.

Nibble off all the outer layer of a jelly bean so you can see the centre. Squeeze the jelly bean between your fingers and feel how solid and springy it is. Now try squeezing a little bit of jelly between your fingers. How does it compare to the centre of the jelly bean? Is it as solid and springy? What would happen to the jelly bean if it was made from dessert jelly?
What is a jelly’s favourite vegetable?

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