What do the police do?
  • The Police do an important job looking after everyone in the community.
  • The Police also enforce our laws. That means they make sure people obey the laws.
  • We have laws to try to make sure people get on with each other and donít get hurt in any way.
  • The Police donít just catch people who have broken the law they work to prevent people from breaking the law by being seen in the community and education people about the laws and how to keep themselves and their property safe. This is called Crime Prevention.
  • When a law is broken the Police look for evidence that will lead them to the criminal. This is called Crime Detection work.
  Did You Know?
  • Community Constables work with schools and families to teach people how the Police can help everyone.
  • The Police have staff working 24 hours a day everyday of the year.
  • The Police officer who helped us with our programme is Community Constable Bryan Ward. He works with the Counties Manukau branch of the Police force in Otahuhu, Auckland.
  • To become a Police Officer you need to be a Police Trainee first. As a trainee you go to Police College and you need to have a good level of fitness. You have to know how to swim and be able to complete the Police fitness course which includes running, jumping over hurdles and climbing walls! Guess what? I did it!!!
Find out who the Community Constable is in your area and when theyíre going to visit your school next. Talk to the Constable about what its like to be a Police Officer and how they work to keep you and your community safe. Find out how you can keep your and your property safe and how you can help your community.
Talk to your family and your teacher about what to do in an emergency. What is the phone number you should dial in an emergency and what emergency services should you ask for? What is an emergency?
A woman was driving and knitting at the same time. A police officer drove up to her and said, "Pull over!" and the woman said, "No!
it's a pair of socks!"
From Anna (age 8)

A peanut went to the police station one day and said I've been assalted
From Zac Davies

Why are policemen strong?
Because they can hold up the traffic with one hand.
From Michelle Burne

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