Why do I have to wear a cycle helmet?
  • The most important part of your body is your head, because of your very special wonderful brain.
  • A cycle helmet is specially designed to reduce the chance of a head injury if you have an accident on your bike.
  • If your break an arm or a leg in a bike accident it will usually heal within a few weeks but if your brain is damaged in an accident it could mean it is damaged for ever.
  • Because your brain controls things like all your movement, your eyesight, your hearing, your speech, and thinking damaging your brain means you could loose the ability to do one, some or all of those things.
  • Cool kids wear lids!
  • Those with brains protect them!
  Did You Know?
  • You need a helmet that fits you properly and you need to wear it every time youíre on your bike.
  • Your helmet should sit on your head firmly so
  • you canít tilt it back and uncover your forehead
  • you canít tilt it forward and cover your eyes
  • you canít tilt it sideways and uncover the side of your head
  • A bright coloured helmet helps motorists to see you and keep away from you.
Bouncy Brains

What you need:
An old clear plastic container with a lid one that wonít matter if it gets broken (check with an adult first :o)
An egg
A space outside on the grass

What you do:
Put the egg in the clear plastic container. The egg is your brain inside your head. Move around outside on the grass holding the plastic container out in front of you. This is like your head moving around with your body on a bicycle. Pretend that the ďbicycleĒ has an accident and drop the plastic container on the ground Ė watch it closely as you do it.
The egg will move around violently inside the container and smash up against the sides of the plastic container Ė the egg will probably smash and if the container hits the ground with enough force it will probably break too.
Thatís what can happen to your head and your brain when you have an accident. If your head is protected by a cycle helmet the force of a fall from your bike wonít be so bad so less damage will be done to your head and your brain.
Put your cycle helmet on and make sure it fits properly.
Your helmet needs to sit firmly on your head. Do up the chin strap so itís comfortable but so it canít slip around on your head. You need to have your forehead protected so your helmet needs to sit above your eyebrows but not be able to move and cover your eyes.
Is your helmet a bright colour? Remember this will help motorists be able to see you easily so if your helmet is a dark colour talk to your folks about making it cool and colourful with some stickers.
Did you hear about the egg that didnít wear a helmet on his bicycle?
He was a real egg head!

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