Why donít animals have feet like ours?
  • Each animal has feet suited to its environment (the place that it lives) and its lifestyle.
  • How the animal moves and where it moves depends on the type of feet it has.
  • Even what an animal eats can depend on what kind of foot it has to help it get to that food.
  Did You Know?
  • Animals, on the land, that are predators (that hunt and kill their food) need feet that are padded so they can quietly sneak up on their prey. They also need sharp claws so they can catch their prey and kill it.
  • If an animal lives in the water, like a seal, it doesnít want feet that have hooves and are good for walking over hard rocky ground, it needs feet that are going to help it move through the water easily
  • Animals like monkeys and chimps have feet a bit like ours with toes and padded soles. But their toes are much better at curling round tree branches and griping tight to things than ours are.
Have a close look at the feet on your pets (or your friends pets) Ė gently though because pets are good at letting you know when they donít like something :o)
Are they paws (cats, dogs, rabbits), hooves (cows, horses, pigs), fins (fish), or do they have bird feet?
How many toes do your pets have on each foot? A horse has one hoofed toe on each foot!
How does your petís feet help it where it lives?
Draw a picture of your favourite wild animal and give it the feet of another animal.
How would it get on with the feet of another animal? Would it need to live in a different place with its new feet? Would it still be able to get its normal things to eat with its new feet?
Could it escape from its predators easily with its new feet?
Why does a giraffe have such a long neck?
Because it has smelly feet

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