Why do we blush?
  • You can blush when you’re embarrassed, frightened or feeling stressed.
  • The part of the body that’s involved with blushing is the hypothalamus. When your brain sends a message to say “this is really embarrassing” the hypothalamus sends messages to other parts of your body.
  • Your temperature rises so your body send the warm blood into the places where it will cool down the quickest – your hands, your feet and your face
  Did You Know?
  • The scientific name for blushing is Peripheral, Cutaneous Vasodilation which means that the small blood vessels have dilated (opened) to allow more blood into them
  • A way to stop yourself from blushing when you’re feeling embarrassed is to think of something else to take your mind off feeling embarrassed.
  • Other things can happen when you blush too like you can sweat, feel your heart beat pounding, have a sinking feeling in your stomach and have trembling hands and legs.
  • It’s all part of the "fight or flight" instinct that we all have. It’s a survival instinct.
What kinds of things make you embarrassed?

Think about some of the things that make you embarrassed. Talk to your family and friends about the things that embarrass them. You’ll find different people get embarrassed about different things.
Do a survey and note down what embarrasses different people and how the feel and what their bodies do when they feel embarrassed.
Exercise can make you blush too

Do you go red in the face when you do lots of exercise? Investigate; go and race around outside for a while, do some handstands and cartwheels, bounce on a trampoline or run as fast as you can around the garden several times. Now have a look at your face.
Exercise warms your body. To keep your body at a similar temperature all the time your body sends blood to places like your face, feet and hands where it’s near the skin and will cool down the quickest
Why did the tomato blush?
It saw the salad dressing
From Ashlee Newth

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