How are newspapers made?
  • It takes a whole team of people, each working on their own jobs, to make a newspaper.
  • Reporters write the stories for the newspaper, investigating the facts and interviewing people for accurate information.
  • The advertising team sell space in the newspaper for people to advertise their products (like their shampoo or shoes) or services (like their hairdressing salon or restaurant)
  • The stories and advertisements are typed into computers and the photos are scanned into the computer.
  • Then the editor chooses which stories will go into the newspaper and sorts out how everything will be displayed on each page.
  • The words and pictures on the computer are transferred onto metal plates which are fixed onto rollers on the printing press.
  • Ink and paper is added to the printing press and when the press is turned on the paper runs through the machine and gets printed with the ink.
  • Then the newspapers are bundled up and delivered to newsstands and letterboxes so everyone can read the news.
  Did You Know?
  • The Newspaper we visited for Suzy’s World was the Northern News in Kaikohe.
  • Before newspapers were invented people they either had to wait for someone to tell them about new things that were happening, or they would meet in community areas and share information or they would listen out for the town crier. The town crier was a person who would walk around the town ringing a hand bell and yelling out important notices
  • One of the first newspapers was apparently one that was started by Julius Caesar
  • The first real printed newspaper in England was printed 1666.
  • The first newspaper in New Zealand was the New Zealand Gazette and it was printed in 1840
Make your own newspaper

It doesn’t have to be more than a page. It just has to have the news of the day. What exciting or interesting things did you learn about today? What exciting or interesting things happened to you or someone you know today? Are any important events, like birthdays, celebrations, or sports/school events coming up that your family needs to know about?
What crazy or funky products can you invent to advertise? Give your newspaper a name like “Meg’s Mega News” and make a copy for each of your family members.
Have a good look at your local paper - what different sections does it have? Some of the standard sections are Local News, World News, Sports News, Advertising, Jobs, and Houses for Sale/Rent. What other sections does your local paper have? What are some topics that they’re not covering that you think would be good to have in a newspaper?
What is black, white and red all over?
The newspaper (it gets read all over)
From Maui Nicholls

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