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How do we make Suzy’s World?
  • Suzy’s World is made by a team of people who have their own special jobs to do to make each programme.
  • The Producer employs the staff and chooses what questions we’ll investigate from all the questions you’ve sent in to us.
  • Our team of Writers research the answers to the questions and find all the experiments for us to do. They read books, surf the internet and talk to lots of experts to find all the answers.
  • The Props Department make our props or buy the special things we need to use on each programme.
  • The Directors Assistant chooses where we’re going to make the programme and times the programme when we make it to make sure we have 10 minutes of programme (no more and no less!)
  • When we’re recording a Suzy’s World programme we have a Camera Operator who operates the camera :o) a Sound Operator who records the sound a Camera Assistant who helps with lights and props and the camera
  • We also have a Director who makes sure we’re getting every thing right and that the programme looks really good.
  • When the programmes recorded it gets edited (put together) in the editing suite then all the sound effects (bangs, crashes and farts) get added.
  • Finally it gets delivered to TV3 on a tape a bit like a video tape to be played on their machines that send the signal to your TV aerial so Suzy’s World can play on your TV.
  Did You Know?
  • We get funding from New Zealand On Air to make Suzy’s World. NZ On Air is a government department that gives money to companies to make programmes about New Zealanders.
  • We make 66 Suzy’s World programmes every year and each year we visit at least different places around New Zealand to make some programmes. So far we’ve been to Invercargill, Dunedin, Te Anau, Queenstown, Christchurch, Clyde, Wellington, Rotorua, Kawakawa, Kerikeri and Kaikohe.
  • The credits at the end of the programme list the names of all the people that helped to make that programme.
  • The funny things at the end of the programme are some of the mistakes I made while we were making Suzy’s World.
Pretend to be a TV presenter.

What kind of show will you be the presenter for? A show like Suzy’s World maybe?
Think about the kinds of information or games or stories you’d want to tell people in your programme. Who will you be making it for – kids or adults? What kinds of things would your audience like to see?
Have a look at the credits at the end of Suzy’s World and you’ll see how many people were involved in making that programme.
Have a look at the credits of some of the other programmes that were made with funding from NZ on Air. There are lots of very talented people in New Zealand making cool programmes for you.

Why don’t you find out more about the TV jobs that interest you. Maybe one day your name will be on the credits at the end of a programme too.

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