Speed Limit
Why do we have a speed limit?
  • We have a speed limit because the fast you drive a car the harder it is to keep the car on the road.
  • The faster you go the longer it takes to stop.
  • The faster you go the more damage you can do to your car, your self and to others, if you crash. “The faster you go the bigger the mess!”
  • Our roads are designed for cars to travel safely at certain speeds.
  • The police enforce the speed limit so people are kept safe.
  Did You Know?
  • The open road speed limit is 100 kilometres an hour.
  • The speed limit in towns and cities is usually 50 kilometres an hour.
  • Some corners on an open road have signs telling you what speed you should drive around the corner at.
  • If you travel at the speed limit you should be able to get to have control of your car at all times and be able to stop in time.
  • Even travelling at 20 kms faster than the speed limit doubles the chances of you being seriously hurt or killed if you have a car accident.
Make a humpty crash mobile

What you need:
An adult to help
An egg (or a couple of eggs if you want to try this out a few times)
A toy car
A hot glue gun
A brick
A smooth, flat surface that won’t matter if it gets raw egg all over it.

What you do:
Get your adult assistant to help you hot glue the egg to the bonnet of the toy car. Put the brick on the smooth flat surface and line the car up so that if you give it a push it will run into the brick.
Push one: make this push a gentle one so that the car just hits the brick and no more.
Push two: make this push a bit stronger.
Keep increasing the force of your push so that the car travels faster each time.
What happens to the egg each time?
Next time you’re out in the car with an adult talk to them about the speed limit. Look for speed limit signs. Discuss the signs and why you should travel at that speed.

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