What happened to the moa?
  • Scientists believe that Moa became extinct because they were hunted and killed for food by humans.
  • They think this because theyíve found moa bones and moa eggshells and old campfires together at many places like the Wairoa Bar near Blenheim.
  • Scientists think that humans drove a lot Moa long the sandy Wairoa Bar where they couldnít escape and then they killed the Moa there.
  Did You Know?
  • Moa were huge birds - up to four meters tall.
  • Moa didnít have wings so they couldnít fly (they would have been too heavy anyway!)
  • The Moa was still alive long after dinosaurs had become extinct.
  • Before humans arrived in New Zealand the Moa didnít have any predators (animals that wanted to kill them and eat them)
  • Scientists believed the humans hunted the Moa with spears and other basic weapons.
Work out, on the side of a building or a tree, how tall 4 meters is (youíll need a two storied building). Thatís how tall a Moa was!
An average sized roast chicken can feed a family of four right? So imagine how many meals youíd get from a bird that size!
See if you can find out what a bird like a Moa would have eaten. Their bones have been found in sand, in riverbeds and in swamps and usually on the East Coast of the South Island. Often you find the bones and eggshells of extinct birds near where they get their food.
Remember they were huge birds that would need a lot of food and they only had large bird feet with claws and large beaks to get their food with.
What side does a Moa have the most feathers?
On the outside

What programme should a Moa be on?
Sesame Street, because itís a big bird

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