What happens when a volcano erupts?
  • A volcano erupts when hot molten rock, called magma, bursts out of the earth’s surface from deep underground.
  • When the magma comes out of the ground it’s called lava. The lava is hot melted rock that flows out of the ground cooling and hardening as it flows.
  • Huge clouds of gas, ash, mud and rock get thrown into the air and out over the surrounding land.
  • The whole shape of the land around where a volcano erupts can change completely.
  Did You Know?
  • Deep underground, under the earths crust there is a layer of hot molten rock called magma. The hot melted rock is under pressure so it tries to escape out through the earths crust through cracks and holes called vents.
  • When it does escape it often rushes out in an explosion throwing gas, lava, rock, mud and ash high into the air.
  • Some volcanoes don’t erupt violently, they just flow out of the hole or crack in the earths surface.
  • White Island off the East Coast of the North Island is live volcano which is constantly erupting.
Make your own volcano

What you need:
A sandpit
A spoon
Baking Soda
(a little food colouring or red paint powder if you want your lava red)

What you do:
Make a volcano shape using sand in the sandpit. Dig a little hollow in the top of the volcano to make the vent where the magma will burst through. Put a couple of spoons full of baking soda into the vent. If you’re using red paint powder mix a tiny bit of it with the baking soda before you put it into the vent. If you’re using red food colouring add a drop of it to the vinegar.
When you’re ready for your volcano to erupt pour about half a cup of the vinegar into the vent, on top of the baking soda, and watch what happens.
The vinegar and baking soda cause a chemical reaction and form a frothy liquid that escapes up and out of the sand volcano vent.
A volcano isn’t caused by baking soda and vinegar but this is a fun volcano to make.
Fizzy Eruption

What you need:
A bottle of fizzy drink
A place outside that won’t matter if it gets fizzy drink over it.
Old clothing that won’t matter if they get fizzy drink over them
Ok from an adult that you can do this :o)

What you do:
Gasses inside magma are a little like the gasses in a bottle of fizzy drink. They’re dissolved into the liquid but they’re really keen to escape and will use any opportunity to get out!
First ask an adult if you can do this. Get into some old clothes and take a bottle of fizzy drink outside to a place that won’t matter if it gets fizzy drink over it. Give the bottle of fizzy a good shake. This will get those gasses excited!
Open the bottle as quickly as you can and watch the gasses explode out of the bottle – it will make a mess!

Find out where the nearest volcano is to you. Most of the volcanoes in New Zealand are extinct. They haven’t erupted for a very long time. Scientists study volcanoes for volcanic activity with the hope that they’ll be able to tell when one is going to erupt so they can warn people living nearby.
What did the dad Volcano say to the mum volcano?
I lava you.
From N.Emile

Why was the volcano being rude?
It kept inter-rupting

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