Drinking Water
Why do I need to drink water?
  • Our bodies need water to work properly.
  • About six-tenths of our bodies are made up of water.
  • Each one of the million of cells that are the building blocks of our bodies has water in it.
  • Our bodies are always getting rid of water too - on the toilet, when we sweat and when we breathe so we need to replace that water all the time.
  • If we donít have enough water in our bodies we feel thirsty, and we can get dehydrated.
  • You should try to drink about 8 glasses of water every day
  Did You Know?
  • If we donít have enough water in our bodies we feel thirsty, and we can get dehydrated.
  • When something is dehydrated it has had the water taken away from it. Fruit straps or dried fruit like apricots are examples of dehydrated foods.
  • When you get dehydrated you can feel sick and headachy and even dizzy and you can lose concentration.
  • A lot of the fruit and vegetables that we eat have water in them but not enough to replace the water that weíre losing every day.
  • Your body has just the right amount of minerals and salts in it to keep it healthy. When it gets too much of something like salt it flushes it out with water. Thatís why when you eat something salty you get thirsty Ė your body wants to drink more to flush the excess salt away.
How many litres of water are in your body?

First of all you need to weigh yourself. (When I weighed myself it said 55 kilograms.) Then you times the amount you weigh by six-tenths.
You times the amount you weigh by six then divide that number by 10.
So for me itís 55 x 6 = 330 ł 10 = 33
I have 33 litres of water in my body.
How much water do you loose everyday?

You loose water from your body every time you breathe out Ė youíll be able to see how much when you breathe out on a cold winters day and see the condensation in your breath. But take a note of how many times do you go to the toilet during the day and how often you sweat. Are your feet damp inside your shoes and socks? Thatís sweat from your feet.
How much water did you drink today to replace all the water your body lost?
Have you heard about the book "Water, water everywhere?"
Itís by I. P. Freely
From Stephanie Morrison

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