How do geysers work?
  • Geysers need water, heat and pressure to work.
  • A geyser is a hole in the ground that often releases bursts of steam and hot water.
  • When water seeps into the ground it can get heated up deep beneath the earths surface by boiling hot liquid rock Ė magma.
  • When water gets heated it expands and rises. The water particles move around really quickly and the water rushes to escape.
  • When the water finds a place to escape out of the ground it usually does it in a rush and thatís when a geyser is formed.
  Did You Know?
  • In New Zealand magma is formed where the Pacific plate is forced under the Indo-Australian Plate. The force of the two tectonic plates pushing against each other makes the rock heat up and melt.
  • You find a lot of geysers in Rotorua where there has been a lot of volcanic activity in the past.
  • The biggest geyser that ever erupted in New Zealand was the Waimangu Geyser. It hasnít erupted in nearly 100 years but it used to push water 450 meters into the air
Make a geyser

What you need:
A sipper water bottle
A place outside that doesnít matter if it gets wet :)

What you do:
Fill your sipper bottle with water. Pull the nozzle up so itís ready to let the water out. Hold the bottle with both hands and imagine your hands are molten rock heating the water. Imagine that the water in your bottle is heating up and turning into steam that wants to escape from the bottle and in a hurry!
Build up pressure in the bottle by giving it a big squeeze with both hands. TadahÖ youíve just made a geyser erupt.
Next time someoneís making porridge at your house have a look at how the porridge acts like a bubbling mud pool. As the heat builds up in the porridge steam builds up and rises through the porridge out into the air. As it escapes it burst through the porridge making it plop like a mud pool. Thatís what happens inside a geyser too.
What did the girl hot pool say to the boy hot pools?
You geyser full of hot air. ( you guys areÖ)

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