School Past
What was school like a long time ago?
  • In this programme we looked at how Kaikohe West School has changed over the years.
  • Kaikohe West School is over 120 years old. It started as Kaikohe Native School and only Maori Children were allowed to go there.
  • Over 120 years ago the children wrote on small black boards called slates instead of in books and most of the children came to school on horse back or had to walk long distances to get to the school
  • If pupils were naughty back then they would have been punished by being hit with a cane.
  • Although the way children are taught is a lot different these days reading, writing and arithmetic (maths) is just as important as it was back then.
  Did You Know?
  • I went to Kaikohe West School over 20 years ago. I also went to Kaikohe East School for a few years :)
  • There were no computers in classrooms 20 years ago and there were no white boards only blackboards.
  • 20 years ago most schools had put away the cane and instead naughty pupils were punished with the strap.
  • The buildings at Kaikohe West are still the same but theyíve been decorated differently.
  • Itís the things that people bring into the school thatís different - the clothes, bags, shoes and some of the equipment, tools, games and the way things are taught that is really different
Find out how old your school is. Then ask your teacher if you can have a mufti or dress up day in the style of the year that your school was built. If your school is a new school (only a few years old) choose a year that your parents would have been at school and use that year for your dress up day.
Find out what the school looked like and the kids and teachers looked like when if first started. How has your school changed? Are the buildings the same, how about the gardens?
What will your school be like in the future? We didnít have computers at school when I went to Primary School and you do now. What will the schools be like when your kids go to school? Let your imagination go wild. You arrive at school by car or bus or by walking. How will your kids or your kidís kids get to school? What will they be wearing and eating and learning?
What's black when clean and white when dirty?
A Blackboard.
From Andrew Pincott

Why did a girl take a ladder to school?
Because she was going to high school.

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