Kauri Snail
What does a kauri snail eat?
  • A kauri snail is a carnivore - it eats meat (the meat of worms and other creepy crawlies).
  • Because a kauri snail hunts for itís food itís also called a predator (which means it hunts for its food)
  • Kauri snails canít move very quickly but when they find their prey (like an earthworm) they pounce on it.
  • Kauri snails can grow to be as big as your fist and have shells up to 75 millimetres in diameter
  Did You Know?
  • The Maori name for the kauri snail is pupu rangi.
  • Although itís called the kauri snail this snail doesnít even like being around kauri trees because the ground is usually to dry for itís favourite food (earthworms) to live in it.
  • You only find kauri snails in the far north of the North Island - in fact you only find kauri snails in New Zealand although they do have carnivorous cousins in other parts of the world.
  • All snails have teeth, tiny microscopic ones and they have lots of them. In fact they have hundreds of rows of sharp little teeth on its tongue.
  • Most snails are herbivores which means they like to eat plants.
Snail Study

You wonít find any kauri snails in your back yard but Iím sure youíll find lots of common old garden snails. See if you can find a couple and watch them for a while. Youíll probably find snails in dark places away from direct sunlight. And if you find them in the middle of the day they wonít be doing much so carefully lift one up and put it in the middle of the garden path or the lawn and watch what happens.
How does it move along? Put something in itís way, like an empty ice cream container, and see what happen. Will it go around the snail or will it climb over it?
Listen to a snail eat

Youíll have to make do with a common garden snail for this investigation too (I donít think youíd want to listen to a kauri snail eat a worm, yuck!) Give your snail a nice crisp lettuce leaf to eat and then let the snail get stuck in. A snail uses its hundreds of teeth to grind its food and if you listen really carefully you should be able to hear it eating.
What do you call a girl snail?

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