Why do we have money?
  • Money makes it easier for people to buy and sell things.
  • Money is a set standard of wealth. That means that in New Zealand every two-dollar coin has the same value as the next one.
  • If you were to add up all the money in everyone's bank accounts and businesses and the government etc we’d have over 100 billion dollars in New Zealand at the moment.
  Did You Know?
  • Before we had money people used to barter. It’s a system where people swapped one thing for another. Like two skateboards for a 10 speed bike.
  • Hundreds of years ago the first types of money used were things like nails or shells which were pretty valuable things back then.
  • They were replaced by coins made out of gold, silver, copper and bronze which a precious metals.
  • When the pioneers first came to New Zealand there were lots of different types of money used, some people used English money, some French, some Dutch and some shopkeepers made up their own!
  • The Maori mostly used the barter system for their trade.
Make your own money
Set up shop in your class or at home with your family and friends. First of all decide what kind of money you’ll have. Maybe you’ll use marbles, or buttons or you might make some with paper and crayons. How much will each dollar be worth? What will 1 of your dollars let you buy?
What kinds of things will you sell in your shop? (toys from your cupboards or imaginary items or ones that you’ve made using empty grocery boxes and packets etc?)
A few years back we used to use 1 cent and 2 cent pieces. Ask an adult in your family if they have any lying around and have a look at them. See if you can find out why we don’t use them any more.

Do you know anyone with a coin collection? Have a look at the different coins and see how they’re similar or different to the coins we use now.
Where do you find money?
In the dictionary under M
From Grace

Where do fish put their money?
In the riverbank

Which is the richest insect in the world?
The centipede

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