What kind of toys did my great grandparents play with?
  • My great grandparents would have had some toys that are like the toys we have today. Marbles, knucklebones, hula hoops, a spinning top and maybe a teddy bear or a doll If they were lucky maybe things like a tea set or a toy boat.
  • Back when my great grandparents were children there wasnít a lot of time for playing. Everyone had chores to do around the house Ė even the children.
  • Back when my great grandparents were children there was no electricity so they didnít have TV or a video and computers hadnít even been invented.
  • Most of the toys that they had would have been home made or they would have played imaginary games.
  • Some families played with poi and learnt stick games.
  Did You Know?
  • My great grandparents were children over 100 years ago
  • The knuckle bones that my great grandparents might have played with would have been made of real bone Ė not plastic or metal like they are now.
  • They didnít swing a hula hoop around their hips like we do they used to make the hoops roll and run along beside them keeping them rolling with a stick.
Have an electricity free night

Youíll have to get mum and dad to agree on this one and maybe wait for a long, warm summers evening, but see what itís like without power for one night. Donít turn any lights on and donít use any household items or games that need electricity.
What could you have for tea that doesn't require electricity to be prepared?
What could you do to fill in the time after tea before bedtime? (Will you end up doing chores!!!)
Find out if you have a historical village in your area that you can visit with your class or your family. How do the houses compare with the house you live in now? What about the furniture and the household items? Does the historical village have any examples of toys?

What toys did your great grandparents play with?

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