Moon II
Where did the moon come from?
  • No one really knows exactly where the moon came from but scientists have several theories (fact based guesses)
  • One theory has the moon being a part of the Earth which broke free and was flung out to form the moon.
  • Another theory has the moon forming at the same time as the Earth did from a big spinning cloud of dust.
  • Another theory has the moon being something like a meteorite that was passing earth and it got trapped by the Earth’s gravity.
  • The latest theory is that millions of years ago some large object collided or crashed into the Earth and lots of rocks where thrown off into space and collected together to form the Moon.
  Did You Know?
  • Scientists have studied the rocks etc that have been collected from the moon and they’ve found that the rocks are very similar to what we find here on earth so the theory about it being a meteorite from way out in space has been proven wrong.
  • Science is based around theories. As scientists discover more information about a subject they’re studying the can prove a theory wrong and use the information to come up with another theory.
  • Over 380 kgs of rocks were brought back from the moon on the last space shuttle journey there in 1972 and scientists are still studying the rocks for information about the moon.
  • They’ve already worked out that the rock samples are over 3 billion years old so that makes it at least as old as the Earth.
Find out which planets in our solar system have moons (sometimes they’re called satellites) and how many they have. Here’s a clue Jupiter has the most - but how many moons does it have?
Take a good look at a full moon on a clear night. If you can use a pair of binoculars and have a look at the different colours that make up the moon’s "face". Some people can actually see a face in the colours. Scientists say that the darker patches are the shadows created by craters and mountains on the moon’s surface. Can you see the shadows?
Did you hear what happened when the moon got lost?
It just kept going round in circles!

What did the girl moon try to put in her hair?
E- clips (eclipse)

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