How does the Kiwifruit get to the supermarket?
  • The kiwifruit go through a process of growing, picking, grading, packing, shipping before it gets to the supermarket.
  • Kiwifruit grow on vines in an orchard.
  • The fruit needs to be picked when it is ripe, carefully and quickly.
  • Then the kiwifruit travels along a conveyer belt and is sorted by size.
  • The fruit gets packed carefully into boxes and some get shipped from Te Puke all over the world. The others get taken by train or truck to distribution centres around New Zealand.
  • A Supermarket places and order for Kiwifruit and the distribution centre send them out by truck.
  Did You Know?
  • Te Puke is an area that has a lot of Kiwifruit Orchards.
  • Kiwifruit are also known as Chinese Gooseberries.
  • Kiwifruit are just one of the many products that we grow in New Zealand and sell overseas.
The pick of the packaging

Next time you’re at the supermarket with your family have a look at the different sorts of packaging for fruit. You’ll probably find some fruit piled up in bins and others individually wrapped or in special packets.
Compare the fruit. Which ones come in special packaging? What kinds of fruit are they –are the soft and easily squashed or are the solid and tough? How do the prices compare? Why are some in packaging and some not do you think?

Which packaging is the best for the environment?
Your Favourite Fruit

Find out how your favourite fruit or vegetable gets to the supermarket. Where does your favourite grow, in New Zealand or in another country? What packaging does it have? If it comes from overseas how would it travel to
New Zealand? How long would it take?

What time of the year does your favourite fruit or vegetable grow in? Can you get it all year round? Does it taste the same all year round?
What is the best way to eat a big blue and red kiwi fruit?
With a spoon!
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