What is a simple machine?
  • A simple machine is usually a tool that can help make jobs easier.
  • They help us to lift, push, pull, turn, cut and join things.
  • Simple machines are the most basic of machines and are made from very few parts.
  • We can use simple machines to do jobs without having to put a lot of effort in.
  Did You Know?
  • Some simple machines have been used for thousands of years. Like ramps, which the ancient Egyptians used to help haul huge blocks of stone to make pyramids.
  • A potato peeler is a machine because it helps us peel potatoes.
  • Scissors are a machine because they help us cut things.
  • Big complicated machines are all made up of small simple machines (like cogs and wheels).
Have a hunt around and see how many simple machines you can find. The kitchen is a good place to start. Explain to your folks what you’re investigating and get them to help you work out which are simple machines.
Next time someone is opening a can with a can opener get them to show you how to use the opener. See how easy it is to turn the handle which makes the blades cut through the can to open it.
Which of your toys is a simple machine or is made up of simple machines. Do you have toy cars? What is a simple machine on a toy car? Do any of your action toys have accessories - are they simple machines?

Have a look in your pencil case. Do you have any simple machines in it? What about around the classroom?
What driver can never be arrested for speeding?
A screwdriver
From Kaylie Ashworth

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