Long Jump
Why does running really fast help you to jump further?
  • Running fast helps you to jump further because you travel faster through the air.
  • The faster you go through the air, the further you can go before gravity brings you back down to earth.
  • Also the higher you jump, the longer you will have in the air before gravity brings you down.
  Did You Know?
  • The world record for long jump is 8.95 meters. Now thatís a long way to be travelling through the air! (Thatís about 9 seven year olds lying down on the ground head to toe!!!!)
  • Running fast is just one of the things you need to do when youíre doing a "long jump". Other things help too, like how you push up from the marker board with your feet and how you swing your legs in front of you as you land.
Do the jump thing

Try running at different speeds and doing a long jump. Do you jump further when you run slow or fast? Put a marker on the grass - you can use a piece of wood or a shoe. Always start your jump at the maker and get someone to help you mark where you land each time. Then do the same for them.
Experiment with swinging your arms and legs in front of you as you jump too. Does that help? Maybe get your teacher to help you and give you some ideas of how to jump further.
Test speed and the length of a jump with toy cars.

What you need:
A bench seat at school
A large piece of heavy cardboard (the side of an old box is good)
A toy car
Things to mark each jump. (stones would work well)
Some friends to help you

What you do:
Lay the cardboard out along the bench seat so that one edge is along the edge of the seat. Get your friends to help you make a small ramp with the cardboard by bending it up at the back so it curves. Let the car go from the top of the ramp so it flies off the edge of the cardboard and lands on the ground. Mark where it lands. Get your friends to make the ramp steeper. Let the car go from the top of the ramp again and mark where it lands. Did it go further this time? Why would that be? What difference did steepness of the ramp make?
Can you jump higher than the Sky Tower?
Yes because the Sky Tower can't jump!
From Kate

What did the long jump say to the high jump?
Hi, jump (hi - high)

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