Is this bug dead?
  • For the bug to be alive it needs to be able to do several things:
  • All living things must breathe. Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2. In scientific terms it is called respiration.
  • Living things require nourishment - we have to eat and drink.
  • All living things eliminate waste. Humans and animals through poos and wees. What goes in one end goes out the other.
  • When youíre alive you have the ability to reproduce. Humans and animals have babies. Most living things have one baby at a time but some animals have as many as 7 - or if youíre a spider you can have hundreds of babies.
  • All living things, like humans, start out as babies and grow. So being alive means you can increase your size.
  • When youíre alive you can detect changes in your surroundings like temperature changes.
  • Living things can move.
  Did You Know?
  • Trees breathe through their leaves. They breathe in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and breathe out oxygen. (Humanís breath in oxygen and breathe out CO2.
  • Plants also eat. They make their own food from CO2, water and sunlight and this is called Photosynthesis.
  • The oxygen the plants breathe out through their leaves is their way of eliminating waste.
  • Plants have babies and they come from seeds or shoots.
Find a bug around your house and work out how they live by the 7 Rules of being alive. How does the bug breathe? What does it eat? How does it get rid of its wastes (does it do poos and wees)? How many babies does it have at a time? How big does the bug grow from when itís a baby? Does the bug do anything different in winter than what it does in summer (does it hibernate)? How does the bug move?
Look around your house and sort out the living from the non-living. Whatís in your lounge room or bedroom that is non-living? Is your TV or bed living? Was your afternoon snack something that was once living?
What insect does well in school? A spelling bee!
From Maxim Brown

What lies on the ground one hundred feet in the air? A dead centipede.
From a friend

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Hu who?
Huhu bug
From Rosie Crawford

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