Belly Button
Why do you have a Belly Button?
  • You have a belly button because when you were inside your mumís uterus your umbilical cord was connected from your tummy to your mumís placenta.
  • The placenta absorbs food and oxygen from your mother and feds it to you through your umbilical cord.
  • When you were born you didnít need to be connected to your mum like that for food and oxygen any more so the umbilical cord was cut and clamped off.
  • When the cut umbilical cord healed you got your belly button.
  Did You Know?
  • Everyone has a belly button.
  • Some vegetables, like peas, have a belly button too. They get nutrients from the pea pod through their stubby little nobbin, which works like an umbilical cord.
  • Some people have belly buttons that go in and some have belly buttons that stick out - it depends how your umbilical cord healed after it was cut.
Look inside a fresh pea pod and see if you can find the little "nobbin" that attached the pea to itís mother. Or have a look at some fresh peas. Can you find the little belly button where the "nobbin" was attached?
Have a look at your own belly button in the mirror. Maybe you can even look at other peoples too. But make sure you ask first!
Why did the person not sew the button back on their coat? They thought theyíd use their belly button

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