How is wind made?
  • Wind is moving air.
  • Warm air rises, so air that is warmed by the sun rises up into the Earthís atmosphere. Cold air particles rush in to fill the gap left by the rising warm air and that movement of air causes wind.
  • When the warm air particles cool they drop down - get warmed again and rise again.
  • The faster that air is warmed and rises the faster the winds that are created.
  Did You Know?
  • The air over land is usually warmer than air over the sea. When those air particles above the land are warmed enough to rise into the atmosphere the cold air from over the sea comes rushing in to fill the gap. Thatís why we often get cold winds from the sea.
  • The Beaufort Scale is a scale of wind speeds - starting with Calm which means no wind and finishing at "Hurricane" which is winds of over 117kph which can destroy just about everything in its path.
A beaut Beaufort Scale

Make your own Beaufort Scale and everyday for a week record what speed of wind is blowing around your house or your school.
What season is it - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Talk to your family or your teacher about why the wind can be stronger at different times of the year.
Discover wind direction

How can you tell what direction the wind is coming from? Youíll need a compass to work out the four major compass directions North, South, East and West but you should be able to tell which way the wind is coming from by watching the way leaves are moving on trees or the way grass or rubbish is blowing about. See if you can tell.
What did the wind say?
Excuse me I've just got to blow off

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