Body Noises
Why does my body make rude noises?
  • Your body makes lots of natural gas that it needs to get rid of.
  • Sometimes that gas comes back up your oesophagus in what we call a burp and sometimes it passes through your intestines to come out your rectum as a "blow off" or fart.
  • Burps come from a small sac of muscles in your stomach.
  • Bacteria living in your large intestine eat any undigested food. As the bacteria eat they produce gases that escape through your anus as a "blow off".
  • Passing wind and burping is natural and healthy but itís a good idea to say excuse me or pardon if you do it when other people are around.
  Did You Know?
  • In some cultures like Ancient Rome and some Middle Eastern countries burping is considered a complement to the cook.
  • You probably burp about 15 times a day which means you would burp 38,325 times a year.
  • Parents help babies burp because they swallow a lot of air when they drink from a bottle and that air can make them very uncomfortable.
  • Everyone "passes wind".
  • When your tummy rumbles it's not actually your stomach but your intestines that are making that noise. They're getting ready for more food so the muscles are working to get everything ready and that squishes the food around making a "rumbling " noise.
Make a balloon burp.
(This can be messy so do it over the kitchen bench)

What you need:
Some balloons or a re-sealable plastic bag
ľ cup of vinegar
2 teaspoons of baking soda

What you do:
Pour the vinegar and baking soda through a funnel into the balloon or bag then clamp the balloon or bag shut. Let the vinegar react with the baking soda then open the mouth of the balloon or bag a little to let the gas escape. What does it sound like?
Make a record of the all the different foods that you eat each day and see if you notice more gas escaping after certain foods
What happens when the queen burps?
She issues a royal pardon.
From Nicholas Nath

Pardon me for being rude,
It was not me, it was my food.
It just popped up to say hello,
And now itís gone back down below.

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