Why is seawater salty?
  • The water in the sea comes from rivers that contain dissolved salts and other minerals.
  • The water in rivers comes from rain, melting snow or ice that runs over rocks and soils containing salts and minerals.
  • Salts and some minerals are easily dissolved in the water and carried out to the sea.
  Did You Know?
  • The seas are getting saltier. Slowly over millions of years as more and more salts are carried to the sea the seawater is getting saltier.
  • The Dead Sea is actually salty lakes. It is so salty that nothing much can live in it and when you swim in them you donít sink.
  • Saltwater is more dense or thicker than freshwater so things float more easily in saltwater.
  • Salt and minerals are not the only things carried by water into the sea.
  • Everything dumped into storm water drains gets carried out to the sea and pollutes it. (Things like paint, oil and chemicals pollute the water)
Discover how dissolvable salt is

What you need:
A clear plastic container or plastic drinking glass ĺ full of water
A teaspoon

What you do:
Stir a spoonful of salt into the glass of water. Find out how long it takes until the salt crystals have dissolved. Find out how much salt you can dissolve in your class of water. Keep adding salt a teaspoonful at a time stirring until each teaspoonful dissolves. How many teaspoons will dissolve in the water?
Making salt

What you need:
The glass of dissolved salt water
A plastic tray
A warm sunny place

What you do:
Put the plastic tray in a warm sunny place where it wonít be disturbed. Pour some of the saltwater into the tray and leave it for a day or two. What happens to the water? Whatís left? (itís probably best to throw the salt away instead of using it)
What kind of dried fruit should taste salty?

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