What would it be like to live on another planet?
  • There are nine planets in our solar system, but thereís not one other planet like earth because scientists have not found signs of life on any other planet!
  • Planet Earth has the right chemicals and temperatures to support life.
  • Mercury is solid, like earth and closest to the sun and it has the greatest temperature changes; from -185 degrees Celsius (water freezes at 0 degrees) to 425 degrees Celsius (water boils at 100 degrees).
  • Venus is next and itís the hottest planet in our solar system at 500 degrees Celsius (forget about boiling an egg it would boil the metal on your pot!) Some people say its Earthís twin.
  • Mars is a dry rocky planet with ice caps on its mountaintops. It also has huge dust storms of rust red dust.
  • Jupiter is so big you could fit Planet Earth into it nearly a 1000 times! Itís mostly made up of gases so you couldnít land a rocket on it because it doesnít have a solid surface.
  • Saturn is also made of gases and itís surrounded by rings of debris floating in its atmosphere. It also has about 18 moons.
  • Uranus is another planet made up mostly of gases though it also has large chunks of rock and ice.
  • Neptune is mostly made up of methane gas and it has terrible windstorms. In fact it has the fastest windstorms of all the planets.
  • Pluto is so far away from the sun itís in complete darkness and itís tiny - itís not even as big as our moon.
  Did You Know?
  • Astronomers are scientists who study stars and space.
  • Planets can be seen at night - theyíre the stars that donít twinkle.
  • Astronomers know more about Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter because theyíre much closer to Earth than the other planets. Astronomers can see them more clearly with high-powered telescopes and space shuttles like Hubble and Voyager can get very close to them and take photos.
Find out when the planets are visible and what time, which direction and what angle in the sky to look for them. On a clear night see if you can spot any stars that donít seem to "twinkle" these are planets.
1 Earth year is 365 days.
1 year on Mercury is 88 earth days.
1 year on Neptune is 165 earth years!

Work out how old you would be if you moved to Mercury Ė 4 birthdays in one year! If you were five Earth years old here youíd be 20 Mercury years old there!
What planet can play a tune?
Nep-tune (Neptune)
From Olivia Putnam

Which planet rains a lot?
Uranus (U rain us)
From Tania

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