What do you have muscles for?
  • You have muscles to help you move and to keep your body working.
  • Muscles like your heart, blood vessels and digestive system work automatically without you even having to think about it which is great because if your heart stopped so would you!
  • Muscles work by relaxing and contracting.
  • Your brain sends a message to your muscles through your nerves telling them what to do.
  • We use a lot of muscles when we laugh or talk.
  Did You Know?
  • The messages your brain sends to your body are electrical pulses.
  • Your muscles work to pull your bones to make you move.
  • There are around 640 muscles in your body - about 30 of them are in your face.
  • The largest muscles in your body are the ones in your bottom.
Lie on your back on the floor and think about all the different muscles in your body. Try squeezing the muscles in groups so you can feel them. Tense up the muscles in your feet - make your toes curl and your feet scrunch. Hold that so you can feel it for a few seconds. Think about which muscles have tightened and shortened. Then let those muscles relax.
Do the same with your legs. As you tighten the muscles in your legs watch how they change shape.
Then make your bottom muscles tighten up for a few seconds. Think about that area as you do it and notice how much your bottom can move. Then your tummy, then your arms and shoulders and then scrunch up your face and let it release.
How many faces can you pull in front of a mirror? Go through the emotions happy, sad, angry, scared then try silly faces. Try raising just one eyebrow, flaring your nostrils, rolling your tongue. Did you know your tongue is an amazing muscle? Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

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