Why does a mouse like to live in a house?
  • A mouse needs the same things you do; shelter, food and protection and it can find all these things in your warm house.
  • A mouse will eat the same things as you so if you leave food lying about it’s a great invitation to a hungry mouse.
  • Wherever a mouse has been you’ll find mouse poos, smelly mouse wee and chewed up things like cardboard, paper and material! The chewed up mess is them making a nest for babies
  • Although mice seem quite clean - washing their paws and faces all the time they can carry diseases so it always pays to wash your hands after touching a mouse just as you would after touching any animal.
  Did You Know?
  • Not only will mice eat what we eat they’ll also eat things we wouldn’t dream of eating like bugs, worms and beetles but they’ll also eat soap, candles, paper and leather.
  • The first mice in New Zealand would have arrived with the settlers about 150 years ago.
  • You’ll find mice wherever you find humans.
  • Mice teeth never stop growing so they need to chew through tough things to wear their teeth down.
Visit a pet shop and do a little investigation with a pet mouse. What important things or features does the mouse have to help it survive? Watch what it uses its tail for and how it eats its food. What things do the pet shop staff have in the mouse cage for the mouse to sleep in or play on.
When are mice at their busiest? During the day or the night? Why would that be?
Have a look at your pet or another kind of animal. What things or features does it have to help it survive? What does a mouse and this animal have in common and what’s different?
What do mice use to keep their pants up? Mouse-straps.
From Martin

How do you spell mousetrap in 3 letters?
From Cameron McDonald

Person 1: How do you spell mouse?
Person 2: M.O.U.S.E.
Person 1: Know what's on the end
Person 2: E
Person 1: No, a tail
From Jessica MacKenzie

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